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Is it Time for a Career Shift?

CYCP - Career Change Help

Are you wondering if it’s time for a career shift or change? Whether you have been laid off or you feel unfulfilled at your current position, it can be difficult to find valuable career change help. How can you know if it’s time to go?

We help mid-career professionals all the time with this important question and are happy to provide career change help because we truly care. Here are some ways to know if you need to find a new career direction or make a shift in your current career path.

Career Change Help Tips

Consider how long you have felt this way. Everyone can experience ups and downs in their career, so ask yourself how long you have been feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in your position. Is it just a passing phase due to recession concerns and layoffs or is it a long-term problem?

Why are you in your current job? Ask yourself why you took your current job and make a list of your reasons. This is important because it can give you clues about if you are on the right career path. Then ask yourself if those are the right reasons for staying in your current job. Or perhaps they were the right reasons at the time and now they aren’t anymore.

Compare your job with our Ideal Career Model. Our trademarked Ideal Career Model shows you the eight things you must consider in order to determine your ideal career path. Consider how unsatisfied you are with multiple areas/aspects of your job using our Ideal Career Model.

Be realistic. When analyzing if it’s time for a career change, it’s important to recognize that your ideal career doesn’t mean it will be perfect. Even in the best job, there will still be difficulties from time to time and you may not always love every aspect of your job. However, the goal is that the good part of your job so far outweighs the things you don’t enjoy that you barely even notice them.

Take a career assessment. Another career change help tip is to take a career assessment. There are free assessments available online to help you get started. We like to use the StrengthsFinders™ assessment to help our clients discover their strengths. While assessments don’t cover every piece of the puzzle to a career change, it can help you determine how closely your current career aligns with your strengths.

Need more career change help? Schedule a free consult with us today!