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Inspiring Your Co-Workers

inspire coworkers

inspire coworkersCertified Career Coach, Hallie Crawford has had another article published on US News called, “3 Ways to Inspire Your Employees or Co-Workers.”

Understanding the needs of your co-workers promotes productivity and communication.

Being inspired and motivated at work is a critical piece to being successful in your job. And when you’re working within a team or managing your employees, their excitement, or lack of it, is infectious.

We’ve all experienced that high when we are working together with our group and everyone seems in the flow, moving quickly and easily through tasks. Sometimes our team members or employees give us that boost and other times, we need to provide that boost to them. It especially falls upon us as leaders to look after the needs and well-being of our employees, and motivate them when they just aren’t feeling it.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory proposed by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943, states that when the basic needs of a person are taken care of, they are more able to succeed and reach for greater goals. Keeping this principle in mind, how can you help meet the basic needs of your team, and beyond that, inspire them on a consistent basis? Here are three tips to start with.

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