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Inspirational Thought for the Week and the What If Game

“What if the rest of your life was the best of your life?”

Yes, I got this one from my favorite Ever Wonder book. I like this one because it incorporates Law of Attraction principles; seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty.

This quote is a perfect example of a coaching technique my coach taught me once: The “What If” Game. For a few minutes each day, spend some time thinking about “What If…” and then go UP with your thoughts-meaning think of positive things you’d like to have in your life. For example, for me I might say “What if… The Today Show called tomorrow to interview me about the boomerang generation and helping them find careers they love.” Or, “What if…flights to Machu Picchu suddenly went on sale and my hubby and I decided we had to go this month.” (We’ve been dying to go to there. If any of you have been and have tips for us-love to hear them.)

Try it this week, What if the rest of your life was the best of your life? What would that be like?

Happy Monday, Hallie

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