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Inspirational Quotes – Maintaining Balance

Happy Monday!

Every Monday I get a message from the universe from that provide me with a boost of inspiration. They’re inspiring, witty and right on. I love receiving them. This is the message I received today:

Every so often, Hallie, I like to take time off. You know, go to theme parks, ride roller coasters, and people watch. Sit on the beach, walk through the forest, and listen to my iPod. Just kick back, relax, and let everything run on autopilot… considering, it already does.

Haven’t you noticed?

You’re in good hands,
The Universe


Wow! Can you let go and believe that everything will flow for you if you take some time off? Can you take a break and just enjoy you?

I’ve been keeping a very busy schedule lately and I was considering working a little bit on Friday (July 4th) to get caught up on some back emails. However, I ended up deciding that I needed to take some time off to be with my family. Having work/life balance is just as important (if not more so) than being caught up on my emails and other small projects.

I thought it was really interesting that this quote was the one that came to me today.

When you are considering a new career or a change in career be sure that the work schedule/load allows for work/life balance.

Life’s too short to settle for less than a career and life you love.

Hallie Crawford
Work/Life Balance Coach