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Inspirational Quote: Believe in yourself

I found this quote in one of those tiny books that’s full of inspirational quotes. I liked it so made a note of it but I don’t know who said it.

“Believe in yourself, someone has to make the first move."

You might as well believe in yourself right? It starts with you. I know many people struggle with this to a certain extent; whether it’s believing they can do something that involves stepping outside their comfort zone, believing they can successfully make a career transition or something else.

Do you believe in yourself? Do others believe in you more than you do? If you don’t believe in yourself as much as you’d like to or need to, what can you do this week to start changing that?

For help with building your confidence and believing in yourself to make a career transition or some other life change, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Happy Monday

Hallie Crawford
Career Seekers Career Coach