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Inspirational Quote

“Self-trust is the essence of heroism.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I first read this quote at the Martin Luther King Center here in Atlanta. Trusting myself and my instincts was something I was struggling with at the time so it hit me like a brick. (In a good way of course :)) There’s a mental image in my mind of how it felt to stand there and read that, where it was located in the museum, and what the quote looked like. Aren’t life-altering events always like that?! We can remember every detail of those but sometimes forget our home phone number.

MLK was a hero. He trusted his instincts. On top of that, he was courageous enough to express his beliefs and take a stand for them. Today and this week I encourage you to follow his example in your own way.

Do you trust yourself? Take a moment to think about this…and be honest.

My journey to self-trust (which continues today) began with learning who I am, what my values and priorities are, and accepting myself with all my imperfections. Becoming clear about what is important to me in life enabled me to make clearer decisions, and trust those decisions. The more I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and trust it, the smoother things have gone for me.

I’m here to help you do the same-identify your priorities, know what you want your life and career to be about, and listen to your intuition. I am passionate about doing so because I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be lost and not trust myself.

Feel free to read more about the Unlocking Your Purpose teleclass coming up next week. Years ago it helped me learn to trust myself and gain clarity about who I was and what I wanted in life. I’m grateful to be able to lead this class myself now, because of how life-changing it was for me. Warmly, Hallie Career Transition Coach Hallie Crawford