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In the Fog About Your Ideal Job? Part I

Do feel like you’re in the dryer on spin cycle – confused about your ideal job? Over the next few Career Corner posts we’ll look at three different strategies you can use to help you get clear.

Strategy #1: Dream First and Dream Big

You need to Dream BIG in order to identify your ideal career. Brainstorm some ideas and think outside of the box. What is something you’d love to do?

Dream first and get practical later. If you get practical too soon, you can cut yourself off at the knees with your brainstorming ideas. If you allow yourself to dream first and dream big, you may come across a career idea you never considered or even knew about. Tap into your childhood dreams; tap into your passions and your heart.

Homework: Brainstorm your ideas on a piece of paper. Do it in two brainstorming sessions!

Good luck!

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Certified Career Coach