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Implementing micro-changes in your career strategy

Change is scary! Many times we ask ourselves to bite off more than we can chew in terms of how much we expect to exercise, or how quickly we push ourselves to find a new job. When we fall short of our lofty expectation, we feel discouraged and set back. In career coaching I like to employ the micro-change strategy.

For example, a current client of mine is suffering considerable stress from her job and wants to make healthy changes to reduce the effects of stress and negativity. At first she suggested doing yoga each morning, but after reframing the idea in terms of a small, manageable change, she determined her micro-change would be to play a motivating song in the morning as she readies for work and then to take one deep breath just before getting into her car.  While this may seem insignificant, it is an encouraging change that she can easily accomplish and see as progress.

Ultimately, these small behavioral changes help to reinforce the new positive thoughts and internal messages we are seeking to sustain so that we can break down barriers and pave the way toward career clarity.

Stacy Smyk-Santiago
Certified Career Coach