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How to Stay Motivated During Difficult Times

The past several months have been trying times for all of us. We understand that learning new systems, setting up remote offices, and managing virtual teams among other stresses is not easy. All this while juggling other responsibilities and ranging emotions. At times it can seem overwhelming and at times it can seem monotonous. A question a lot of our clients are asking us is how can you stay motivated despite these new challenges?

Keep your mind active. It can be easy to get stir crazy or into a mental or emotional slump with the current restrictions. We recommend keeping your mind active by taking advantage of free resources that are currently available to professionals from:

  • MilkStreet cooking classes-Mix it up a little bit!
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Your Alumni Association. They may be offering more webinars or online classes during this time.

It’s also important to stay connected with others. While it’s essential to schedule virtual time with your friends and family, don’t forget to stay connected with your industry as well. By staying connected we feel less isolated. For example, join one or two LinkedIn groups that resonate with you and participate actively. You may get some new fresh ideas for your work, it will help keep your mind sharp, and you’ll be able to stay on top of current news and trends in your industry. 

Set new goals. Having a lot of additional time alone forces us to slow down and self-reflect. This allows us to realize what’s truly important. You can use this to your advantage professionally by reflecting on: 

  • How you could enhance your skillset
  • What kinds of tasks you truly enjoy
  • What motivates you professionally and how to incorporate all of these items in your current workday

Journal about these items and then set reasonable goals for yourself. When we feel like we are actively working towards a goal, this provides us with motivation because we get a true sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

If you’re unhappy at your job. You may have discovered that you don’t really love your job. Or that your co-workers were what you enjoyed the most and now that they are virtual, you’re not thrilled This is a good time to evaluate what you want instead or what your next career moves should be. Take time to reflect on what would be a better fit for you professionally. Then start taking small steps towards that goal by making connections and updating your resume and Linkedin profile. Keep in mind that a job search right now will take longer, but you can do your research now to be prepared. Also, some industries are booming as a result of the pandemic! Get things in place now so that when things come back, you’re ready to hit the ground running.