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How to Prepare Your Resume as Graduation Approaches – Short and Sweet Advice

prepare your resume

Your graduation date is slowly creeping up on you, but are you prepared to enter the workforce? Many graduates think taking time off to travel or just to relax before entering the workforce is needed, and by all means, you deserve it. But don’t forget to prepare your resume.

As with every job applicant, your resume is your first impression and you will want to make sure it’s a good one. Get involved with something whether it’s at school, in your community, or church – and add it to your resume! Take advantage of leadership opportunities, internships (official or unofficial), mentoring, or other initiatives and involvements with clubs and organizations. Put those down as well. Remember, your resume doesn’t have to only include traditional work experience. Employers don’t expect years of experience when you’re a new grad so don’t feel badly about that. Show them what you have been doing, and how they relate to the working world by identifying your transferable skills.

Remember, this information goes a long way in supporting your determination, work ethic, ability to work independently and with others, and more.  A little planning can go a long way, and when you are really ready to start your job search, you will be prepared to start your career with a bang!

Thank you to one of our resume experts, Jasmine Marchong, for this article and the resume tips.

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