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How to Get More Done at Work – Stop Procrastinating


procrastinatingAre you famous for procrastinating?  Hallie Crawford is pleased to announce she has had another article published on that can help you if you are!  For instance, she offers this advice, “Spend a week tracking the time you spend working on various tasks, and you may find opportunities to simplify, automate or delegate time-consuming tasks.”

3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

“How will I ever start this project?” This question may lead you to carefully consider and think through the steps of accomplishing a pressing task. This deliberation be very useful in the workplace, since it permits a worker to complete tasks more successfully. However, there is a big difference between an occasional delay due to deliberation and a regular habit of procrastinating on work tasks.

Procrastination is a common human weakness, and all of us have fallen prey to it at one time or another. Maybe you are even procrastinating right now by reading this article instead of working on a project!

Read the rest of the article to help you to stop procrastinating now – CLICK HERE.