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How To Answer the Overqualified Interview Question


overqualifiedThe lament I hear from my aged 50+ clients is:  ” I get the same question in every interview…Don’t you think you are overqualified … which translates into I am too old.”  However, it is a legitimate question for a company to ask anyone who has done work similar to the job being applied to.  After all, you could become bored and quit after the company has invested in you. So, let’s recognize the elephant in the room, and tackle it head on with a response that is both honest and shows your determination in getting the job.  Here are some suggested phrases that you can use:

  •         While my qualifications are extensive, every company has different processes, and I am continuous learner eager to understand different approaches and enjoy working with new people.  And, my broad experience makes me an ideal mentor for younger workers.
  •         I have enjoyed this kind of work for many years and want to continue to do it as I get a great sense of fulfillment from it and certainly would not find it boring.  I really do want this job and appreciate the opportunity to work for such a terrific company.
  •         Please appreciate that I am very healthy and vital and can stay with the company for many years.
  •         For those reasons, I feel I am an excellent candidate for this position.

Resist the limiting belief of being “too old.”   It will show in your attitude and be noticed during the interview.  With more people staying in the workforce and not retiring, you are only as old as you think you are.  Lots of companies welcome 50+ workers because of their experience and their dedication to work.  Why not be one of them!

We hope this is helpful to you!

Katie Weiser, Associate Coach at