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How Much Should I Rely on Resume Scanning Websites?

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AI is becoming a popular way to get free career-related help when it comes to resume writing and editing. There are also many resume scanning websites that advertise a free resume scan based on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help you get your resume past a scanner and into the hands of a hiring manager. However, how much should you rely on resume-scanning websites?

The amount of free resources and advice available online can make a job search seem confusing and overwhelming. A lot of our clients ask us about online resume scans, so we want to share our insight to help you because we truly care.

Why use resume scanning websites?

Many companies use ATS to collect and organize information from job applicants based on their experience and skills. This means that, generally speaking, your resume will first have to get through a computer screening based on certain keywords before it gets to the hands of a hiring manager. Since job seekers want to make sure that their resumes pass the ATS searches, many will use a free online resume scan to see how their resume holds up against a screening.

Should you use a resume scanning website?

There are dozens of free online resume scans, but they do not all use the same standards when scanning your resume. This means that each resume scan may provide you with different outcomes and advice. And ultimately, relying solely on free online resume scans will make your resume look unattractive to the eyes of a hiring manager. This means that even if your resume does make it past ATS, it will end up in the trash can.

When working on your resume, you will want to strike a balance between getting past ATS but also ensure that your resume looks attractive to the human eye. For example, our expert resume writer’s goal when working with our clients is to ensure that resumes have the needed keywords to be picked up in the ATS searches and to align the formatting to work with the parsing systems (which is the part that moves your resume content into an application form). The end result is generally favorable for ATS purposes, while also being aesthetically appealing to the human eye so that hiring managers will be open to reviewing it.

We recommend Jobscan if you want to use an online resume scans. Anything over 50 is considered an excellent score on Jobscan. While you will want to be alert to keyword recommendations from these sites, we do not recommend making major alterations to the formatting of your resume based on an online resume scan.

Work with a professional resume writer

The best way to get through ATS and make sure that your resume stands out to a hiring manager is to invest in yourself by working with a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer will inquire about your past professional experience and accomplishments as well as jobs you are interested in to craft a resume that gets you past ATS and impresses a hiring manager. Learn more about our resume packages here.

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