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How can a billboard inspire you career search?

I read this story, ‘Hire me!’ billboard leads to job for 22-year-old, and thought it would be a fun inspiration for those of you in job search.

In April, Olson paid $300 for an 8-second time slot on an electronic billboard near downtown Minneapolis. His ad was up for 24 hours, rotating with other ads on the billboard. The words “Hire Me!” appeared next to his website address and a picture of his face.”

I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy a billboard, but use this inspiration to help get creative in your job search. I love that Bennet stayed positive and passionate about finding a job. If you are narrow-minded in your career search you will get burnt out before you see results. It’s important that you stay positive and think outside the box during the whole career process.

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Hallie Crawford
Dream Job Coach

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