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Have you thrown your job search etiquette out the window?

With the advent of the internet, texting and other informal ways of communicating, some job seekers forget some of the basic rules of etiquette when conducting a job search. I a recent article, was right on target for me because it gets back to the basics that some people forget, even though they can make a lasting impression.

I have a lot of career coaching clients ask me how to handle references. This article gives you the basics for that. Here are some of the key points:

  • Always ask your references how they would prefer to be contacted.
  • Let your reference know when someone might be contacting them to give them a heads up.
  • Tell your reference what the job is for so they can tailor their answers for you.
  • Let your reference know the outcome of the job that you were applying for so that you keep them in the loop!

Another piece of advice that I liked, if your reference says that they can’t help you, then they can’t. Thank them and move on. People do need to be more assertive when networking in their job search, but being a pest is never appreciated.

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Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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