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Have you narrowed down your career ideas too much?

I recently spoke with my career coaching client, Damon. He said something to me that I often hear as a career coach and I wanted to share it with you. He said,

“Don’t just focus on 1-2 aspects of your life or what you want in a job because that was where I went off track before. I hadn’t looked at other areas of my life to help me determine the big picture of what I wanted in a career.”

You want to narrow down your career ideas to just a few in order to help you make a decision, but be careful of narrowing down too soon. If you focus too much on 1-2 things in identifying your ideal career direction, you could be narrowing your options TOO quickly and end up with something that’s not a fit.  

Try to look at the big picture as well. Consider what would be fulfilling to you, in addition to what you’re good at and the salary you want to make. You also need to consider the right work environment and your personality type. When I work with clients there are actually 8 different things I have them consider on my Ideal Career Model to define their dream job. So think outside the box and look at the big picture. Once you have done that, you can narrow down your ideas from there.

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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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