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Hallie Recommends: True Colors career test

Several people have recommended this program (True Colors) to me, saying it has transformed their business and improved the way their co-workers work together. It’s helpful and easy to use for any type of organization, or individual wanting to know their behavioral tendencies, how others perceive them, how they can work more effectively with others and what type of job is best for you.

The "My True Colors" website allows you to take the assessment for yourself. The assessment helps you you define your work personality and your strengths which in turns enables you to understand how you operate at work, what kind of job is best for you, and how you can successfully work with others. The test defines your personality type as a color, known as a personality dimension. This program can benefit those in career transition as well as managers who can use the test with their employees and teams. It’s $22.50 for an individual assessment. Good luck, Hallie Job Transition Coach Hallie Crawford