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Hallie Recommends – Personal Renewal Group

As a mom I'm always on the lookout for programs and services especially for mom's.

The Personal Renewal Group is a 6 month life coaching program created for Mom’s to explore and learn:

How to “reconnect” with who you are

Strategies for making self-care/nurturing a priority so you can live, love and parent optimally

How to experience greater life balance

Monthly topics for The Personal Renewal Group may include:

  • Re-connecting With Who You Are
  • Managing Your Energy – Saying No and Setting Boundaries
  • Building Your Support Systems
  • Good is Good Enough – A Mother’s Mantra
  • Self Care as Self Preservation vs. Self Indulgence
  • Practicing Balanced Living
  • Finding your Passion
  • Creating your Ideal Life

Who should join? The Personal Renewal Group is for any mom, at any stage of life that is ready to explore possibilities and begin to transform her life.

About the facilitator: Angela is a Career and Life Balance Coach with Career Strategists and a former member of Renee Trudeau’s Personal Renewal Groups. She’s a trained facilitator who is passionate about helping others enjoy life to the fullest. You can learn more about Angela and her background at

If you have questions or would like to register: Please email Angela at or call 512.944.8541. Don’t wait as registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Have a great weekend!

Hallie Crawford
Life Purpose Coaching