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Hallie Recommends – Get Your Body Humming

Are you ready to set a resolution and keep it? As you probably know, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include losing weight. It could be just to lose all the holiday pounds you’ve gained from big family dinners. Maybe it’s a few pounds, or maybe it’s 20. Sometimes the resolution is to just eat healthier. Jeanna Gabellini’s new teleclass will help you keep those resolutions in 2008!

Are you frustrated because of weight gain, an ongoing illness or condition of your bod?

Master Coach Jeanna Gabellini has been there and knows that it sucks!

Ask yourself:
Are you free of judgment about your health practices or lack of them?
Are you totally lined up with well-being?

If not, do you really want to turn this around for yourself?

It’s not hard.  But you will have to change the way you think and interact with your body and the circumstances of your life.  Ill feelings lead to an ill bod (You know stress, pressure, and guilt to name a few).

Let Jeanna assist you in making it easier…with a touch of humor.  Wanna?

Get Your Body Humming – A 7-week teleclass with Jeanna

You get one-on-one coaching, specific lessons, tools, unlimited emails and a deeper understanding of what DOES work for you.  The results of this class will impact more than your health.  Promise.

Your journey begins: Thursday, January 10, 2008
9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern

The good news it that it’s only $199 for two months of coaching and support!

Clear your schedule and do whatever it takes to be there…your health depends on it!?Jeanna has assisted hundreds of people in getting back into perfect health and she’s very clear that it is possible for you too!

Get your body humming at:

Here’s to a great weekend!
Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching