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Hallie Recommends: FITS Teleclass Recording

Just getting started with this process of finding a career you enjoy? Begin here…

Are you at the beginning of your journey in trying to find a career you can enjoy? Just sticking your toe in the water to find out what career coaching is all about?

I recommend starting with my “Love your job! Finding a Career that FITS” Teleclass recording. It’s only $12.99 and is a great way to learn what you should be looking for in a job, how to handle the transition, and get incredibly inspired to take action and move forward!! Plus you will experience my style and approach to finding a career you love. You can purchase the audio here: Hallie’s teleclass recording

In this recording you will:

  1. Learn about the four major components of a satisfying career
  2. Identify and learn to overcome obstacles that may be getting in the way of you finding a satisfying career
  3. Get bonus tips to successfully make a career transition

Don’t wait, you can have a job you enjoy.

Feel free to purchase the recording as a gift for someone you know who’s struggling with their career direction. Click here to purchase. Good luck! Hallie Career Transition Coach Hallie Crawford