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Hallie Recommends: Computer Troubleshooters (in Atlanta)

I don’t have my own IT department obviously, so I had to find someone reliable and trustworthy to come to my house to fix my computer! I can do a certain amount of fixing but there’s a limit. (As I mentioned in my ezine this summer, I tend to resist new technology ;-) You can read previous editions and sign up for my newsletter if you’re interested.)

I found John Tehan on Kudzu, a local Atlanta listing of service providers. He was great. He explained everything in detail, told me what I needed–even told me what I didn’t need–so he wasn’t wasting my time or money. I highly recommend him if you’re in Atlanta.

His info is: Computer Troubleshooters, e-mail John, 404-892-9030. Happy computing, Hallie

Career Coaching Consultant Hallie Crawford