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Great inspiration for your career journey

career-journeyI received an email from a former career coaching client who is starting to live his dream. I wanted to share his story with you for inspiration and also for a few tidbits of advice. I think many people can relate to feeling this frustrated, and could learn from his career journey. Here are some tips from Braeden’s story:

1) Braeden’s career journey has taken some time. I try to remind my career coaching clients often that their dream job won’t just land in their lap. It takes time and effort to pursue and make real. It can take several steps to get there. Braeden says he’s at the beginning of what he wants to do long term – the first rung on the ladder.

2) Braeden combined several passions into one, Latin America and economics. Often my clients have career ideas and they keep them very separate, it’s this or this. Try combining your ideas. See if that improves them or allows you to develop a completely new idea.

3) Braeden said that he stumbled his way along. Career transition can be messy, and not go according to plan sometimes. That’s normal and does not mean you’re on the wrong path. This is part of the process. Make a plan but be flexible with it, and if things don’t go exactly according to that plan don’t read into it assuming you’re on the wrong track. Be willing for things to get a little messy along the way and try to be patient with it. Here’s an excerpt from Braeden’s email:

“…I currently work at the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration as a Brazil Desk Officer covering economic and commercial relations with Brazil.  I find it fascinating how a discussion four years ago on “American values” and Latin America has led me to a position shaping U.S. trade policy in Latin America.  I certainly don’t have a perfect job, but this is a great start and has put me in a great place.  I love my office, get along really well with my boss, and get to work on some big, meaningful issues.  Moreover, my exposure to economic and other issues Latin America has grown leaps and bounds and I feel I’m just beginning to understand the region.  I feel I have a lot to learn but have the ability to make a significant impact on real issues. It is no coincidence I am where I am.  Hallie set me on a path to a great new start.  I couldn’t have done it without her!”

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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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