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Get your foot in the door: Snail mail your resume

My career coaching client Tracy shared a story with me that was somewhat successful regarding physically mailing in her resume to a potential employer. She successfully landed an interview she wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Tracy had a phone interview with the company and unfortunately, someone else who had more relevant experience landed the position. The success is that she got her foot in the door when she wouldn’t have otherwise.

It can be a risky; you don’t always know how a potential employer will respond to you being assertive. Follow their instructions. If potential employers say to send in your resume via email, do exactly that. If they don’t specify though, I think it’s worth it to do something a little different, like sending a hard copy of your resume in order to make a good impression. It may not always work, but you only need it to work a few times.

Think outside the box when it comes to applying for jobs, many times it will pay off and be worth it.

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach