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Gallup survey 70% of workers are unsatisfied

I was thrilled to be featured in this story on Fox Five Atlanta recently:

One of the things I wanted to expand upon was how your satisfaction at work can be impacted by your personal life as well. And how important it is to evaluate your satisfaction from a big picture perspective before you make any decisions about what to do next. If you are going through a divorce for example, or a tough time in some way personally, is that impacting how you feel at work?

We are integrated beings, so all areas of our life overlap and can affect each other. I encourage my career coaching clients to look at their satisfaction. Not just in their job, but also in their personal life and in specific areas to see if their unhappiness is bleeding into their job from another place. This is not always the case, but it is important to look at your satisfaction in all areas, just in case. Also you have to know that improving things personally, can often affect your work life. It is not a magic bullet and to say that a job that is just not a fit will suddenly become so. Because career change is a big deal, we want to make sure we are doing it for the right reasons, and take the right next steps to improve it.

When you are evaluating your happiness, look at everything on the table. Make changes in each area so that you are working towards the life you want overall and not just the job you want, because each will impact the other.

Hallie Crawford

Job Coach

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