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Fun on Friday: Scooters

Ok so I’m dying to have a scooter, but my dad says I can’t – too dangerous. (Of course he’s the one who rode motorcycles all the time when I was a kid, frequently with me on the back!) I like the idea though of zipping around my neighborhood quickly and easily, and while doing so releasing fewer emissions. Several years ago on a trip to Italy, we borrowed a friend’s scooter and scooted (yes that’s the technical term for riding on a scooter) around Portofino. You know those experiences you never forget? That was one for me. It was beautiful out and I felt like I was in the movie Roman Holiday.

Since conserving our resources and helping the environment is important to me, I liked this post from Ideal Bite about scooters. And apparently there are now electric scooters, I didn’t know that. Cool.

Enjoy your weekend!

Career Coach

Think you need a Harley to join a biker gang?

Pshaw. Eco-gang members know electric two-wheelers are all the road rage,
since they cut transportation costs and pollution. Check out our fave scooter
options and scoot.

The Benefits

  • Less pollution. Eco-friendly scooters produce 80% less
      C02 than cars.
  • Less city traffic. A study in NYC found that if the
      city’s vehicle mix changed from 100% cars to 80% cars and 20% scooters, each
      person would spend almost 100 hours less time in traffic each year, thanks to
      reduced street congestion.
  • Skipping the pump. You can plug scooters into your
      electrical outlets at home and save money like gangbusters.
  • A silent ride. Unlike gas-powered scooters (not to
      mention motorcycles), electric scooters make next to no