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Food for Thought: What’s your motto?

Happy Monday! At a Georgia Coaches Association meeting recently, I picked up a copy of Motto Magazine. I’d never heard of it before – and I loved it. They had inspirational stories, tips for living a more fulfilling life and even included features about businesses making a positive impact in their communities. Here’s their motto of sorts: “At MOTTO, we believe it’s impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work. So, we created the first media company for people seeking a more personally fulfilling and socially responsible route to business success.”

They’re even having a What’s Your Motto contest. I was thinking about mine, I may go with “The Greatest Risk in Life is Not Taking One.” That’s my favorite quote. We’ll see, I need to keep pondering. I think it’s ok that your motto changes over time as well. Your life changes, so your motto and your priorities will too.

So marinate in this question this week: What’s your motto? And are you living your life according to that motto? If not, what changes do you need to make?

If you need help giving your life greater direction and purpose, my next Unlocking Your Purpose: Writing your personal mission statement Teleclass begins next week. Get more info on that here. Have a great week, Hallie

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