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Food for thought: What’s your impact?

I was talking to a former client and friend last week. When she read my “writing a gratitude list” ezine article this month, she and her significant other started coming up with 2 things they are grateful for, over coffee in the morning. He’s really getting into it and by doing this, they are asking for what they want in their lives. Fabulous! I love that they are doing this, and I so enjoy it when someone tells me that something I wrote had an impact on them. So here’s a thought for the week:

What’s the impact you have on those in your life? And what’s the impact you want to have?

Consider how you can have the impact you want to have, intentionally, on those around you. Keep in mind, we always have an impact on people, whether it’s consciously or not. There’s a difference between intended impact and unintended impact. Practice making your intended impact this week. Have a good one, Hallie Career Change Coach Hallie Crawford