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Food for Thought: Life doesn’t just ‘happen’ to us

Suppose you were laid off from your job. Now it's obvious you did not create the weak economy leading to that event. BUT – you ARE in total control of how you respond to that event. Here's how that works: Suppose you get depressed and just give up. Your response would obviously create a negative reality in your life.

But what if you instead respond by "taking the tiger by the tail" and start a new business on the web, or become a consultant in your field of specialization. You have then created an entirely different reality in response to the exact same event.

Here’s another example: You’re unhappy in your job and on top of that your boss is being a jerk. You realize it’s time to make a change and you’d really like to tell your boss to go pound sand. Again, you can’t control how your boss behaves but you can choose your response and what you do with the energy you’ve built up about his behavior. Turn your frustration into a motivator to start your search for your ideal career. When you find yourself focused on your boss, consciously shift your focus to where you want to go instead. You’ll create a whole new reality for yourself that will allow you to move forward, instead of remaining stuck where you are.

Life doesn't just ‘happen' to us. It's our responses to life that create our personal reality! Think about this for a moment. You really ARE in charge of creating your own life … So take the reins with your career and contact me for help – that’s what I’m here for.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach