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Food for Thought: Lead Your Life, Don’t Let It Lead You

Happy Monday!

I was coaching my client Tracey recently and she asked a question that stuck in my mind. She asked how I am able to accomplish everything with a baby, a business, hubby and personal life.

I had to think about it for a second because I was caught off guard, but the answer came to me immediately. I consciously choose where I spend my time. Now listen, I’m not perfect and there are days when I wonder where did the time go. But I attribute being able to handle it all to having the support I need, and deliberately choosing where and how I spend my time.

How do you feel? Do you feel like your life is leading you, or you are leading your life? If it’s the former, try these tips. When you’re planning your day, ask yourself:

1.    What will help me move towards my goals?
2.    What would be fun to do today and feels inspiring?

And when it’s time to take action during your day, ask yourself, how will this serve me? If it won’t, then think twice about doing it.

Good luck, I hope you find this helpful.

Here's to having a career you love,
Hallie Crawford
Career Seekers Career Coach