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Everything but the kitchen sink in your resume

Many people want to include everything they have done on their resume. Whether it’s their first job, details of every position they’ve had, or even where they attended high school. This can be overkill. You only want to highlight relevant experience because you may lose the recruiter or the employer who is looking at your resume.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle. It isn’t important to go back to what high school you attended (unless you are a recent high school graduate). Include things that you feel are most important for an employer to see. Sometimes things that are important may not be a traditional job. My career coaching client, Scott, is in financial sales and would like to get into medical device sales. He listed his time volunteering in a hospital on his resume, even though it wasn’t a job, because it is somewhat relevant experience and shows passion for the industry.

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes, what do you need to see in a candidate? 

Hallie Crawford
Career Path Coach

P.S. If you aren’t sure what is relevant, speak to our resume writer. You can learn more here.