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Enhance your LinkedIn connections – A simple thank you goes a long way

Want to enhance your relationship with your LinkedIn connections? Simply send a thank you to everyone with whom you link. Whether you or the other person sent the initial request doesn’t matter. What does matter is the message you are conveying is that the other person is important and deserves to be thanked. Not only do you make yourself look good, but you make the recipient feel good about themselves.

To make this simple task even easier, save a draft of your thank you in your emails. Then just copy and paste it in a message to your new connection. By extending the courtesy of a thank you, think of the messages that you are conveying about yourself:

  • I’m an appreciative person.
  • I’m grateful to have you in my network.
  • I go the extra mile when I respond to people.
  • I know etiquette.
  • I’m approachable.

Makes you want to receive a thank you response yourself doesn’t it? Let’s hope you receive plenty!

Side Note: We notice all the time as well that most people don’t take the time to change the standard LinkedIn message when they’re inviting someone to connect. That is a mistake! Take a moment to change the template. It shows you care enough about that person to say something about connecting with them. They’re more likely to connect with you this way and are more likely to keep you in mind for networking.

Terry Wynne
Certified Career Coach

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