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Emotional Intelligence

I wrote about this several months ago in a press release about what employer’s are now looking for in their employees: Employer’s Wish List of the Job Skills for the Decade. One of the points that keeps ringing true as I work with clients in career transition and young adults preparing for their ideal career path, is the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

It’s interesting – one of my clients didn’t think this was true at first and called it touchy-feeley. And now these are the things that are helping him become a more effective leader in his job, and he gets it. A Time Magazine article from late last year (Dec 18, 2006) spoke to this point regarding educating our children and what they need to learn to be successful in today’s, and tomorrow’s, workforce. Here’s a quick blurb: “EQ, or emotional intelligence, is as important as IQ for success in today’s workplace. ‘Most innovations today involve large teams of people,’ says former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustsine. ‘We have to emphasize communication skills, the ability to work in teams and with people from different cultures.'”

As one example of improving an EQ skill, I have found that working with people to be more direct and pro-active in their communication does wonders for their ability to succeed in their career and relate to their boss and peers. So where do you need to improve your EQ?

If you need help, you know who to call! I’m happy to assist.