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Dream Job – Making It Real

I spoke at the Junior League of Atlanta Wednesday night on “Find a job you love: 6 Steps to clarify your career direction”. It was a great event. I was thrilled to receive this feedback from one of the participants: “Enjoyed meeting you last night is such an understatement! Like I said, I got more out of that hour and 15 minutes than I did in most of my college classes! I went home and talked my husbands ear off about it!”. As a career speaker I don’t think feedback can get better than that :-). Thank you to everyone who attended!

At the event I was speaking to a woman who really wants to own a dance studio. Currently she doesn’t have the financing to start a business, and she sees this as a huge challenge. She imagines being able to start her own business so far in the future that she hasn’t done much to even get started on it. She was very bummed and overwhelmed and asked me for my advice.

I told her to achieve her dream she just needed to take one step. This would help make it real for her. I told her to look at real estate to rent a dance studio and I recommended joining an association for small business owners where she could network and learn more about starting a business.

The point I was trying to make for her was this: How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. If you don’t take one step, your dream is just looming out there. Your goal that will never happen!

What first step will you take in reaching your career goals?

Have a great weekend!

Hallie Crawford
Career Speaker