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Don’t just network – Network strategically

Now that I have started working with a marketing consultant I realize that networking requires more of a strategy and more thought than I ever knew. My career coaching client Kelly is a great example. She recently made a list of networking contacts to build her new business in home renovation.

We came up with this basic strategy to help her create a structure for her networking efforts and not have them be haphazard. Once every quarter, she will check in with her list of contacts and do something a little different or beyond just an email. She will take them to lunch, coffee, or call them. Other contacts on her list will be once a year. She’s categorizing each contact into a different group depending on how often she wants to connect with them, and creating tasks in her calendar to remind her quarterly and annually.

Take the time to examine your networking strategy’s structure and get organized. You have to take all the necessary steps along the way to have an effective networking strategy. The more time you put into your network, the more your network will put into you.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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