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Don’t be a professional job hopper

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with career coaching clients who said, “I tried one career path and it wasn’t a fit, so I tried something else that was different.” This happened to me again this week. This particular career coaching client said they figured they should try the opposite of what they were already doing.

I can relate to this idea well because I felt the same way in my 20’s. I had 5 different jobs, in completely different industries, within about 7 years. I should’ve put on my resume “professional job hopper.” The point is, if you’re unhappy in your job right now, don’t just jump into something else.

Think it through this time.  Make the right decision, and analyze what your next best step is, even if it takes time to figure it out. Jumping back and forth trying something new each time isn’t the way to go. Take a step back and don’t allow yourself to have a knee jerk reaction.

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Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach