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Do You Need a College Degree for Your Career Path?  This is a VERY interesting article about the value of higher education. I understand their perspective. Going into debt you can’t get out of is NOT a good decision, and yes some jobs don’t require a degree.  However, I think a college degree is a must. And choosing where/how to make this investment in higher education is just as important.
I was talking to one of my younger, coaching group clients this week, Brittany. She’s looking at colleges and feels that going to school will provide her the training and expertise required to get into her chosen field. In Brittany’s case, I believe a college degree is a must.

No, you do not want to go into debt you can’t get out of, but for many jobs, the degree and technical training is a requirement.  
Certainly, there’s more to the college experience than purely an investment decision for future income flow. Part of the college experience is learning to live more independently, transitioning into an adult. You meet people through the college experience that can become your professional network.  School is very much a gateway to many professions.

Yes, many successful people have not gone to college or finished (including Bill Gates).  However, if you are able to do so, you should.  I still think: No I know, a college education gives you an important leg up personally and professionally.

Tell me, what do you think?

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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