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Details Matter in Your Job Search

job search

job searchThink details won’t affect a potential job offer? Think again. You are the sum total of the way you present yourself and employers notice the details.

When you’re looking for a job, you typically provide your contact information including your telephone number and email address so that prospective employers can contact you. If the prospective employer calls and you’re not available, he or she hears an outgoing message on your telephone. Ask yourself these questions: Do you have loud music playing in the background? Did your four-year-old child record the message? If so, change your message to make it professional. Likewise, ensure your email address is professional as well. Does it include risqué words or acronyms? Is it cutesy? If so, change it. And, in terms of contact information, prospective employers as well as your existing employer may visit your social media. If your Facebook page has any nudity, profanity, or risqué references, delete them.

When you meet a prospective employer, how you dress matters as well. Polished shoes and professional clothing is a must. Instead of a backpack, use a purse. Instead of wearing a t-shirt with a logo, wear a dress shirt.

Lastly, during an interview, the words you choose also matter. Use an upscale vocabulary. Instead of “amazing,” (a currently overused word), say “exceptional.” Instead of “cool,” say “interesting.” Instead of “uh-huh,” say “yes.”

Details make the difference between a negative and a positive impression. Take proactive steps now to ensure that all the details you present make a positive and professional impression for your job search.

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