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Defining who you are to land your dream job

Knowing your brand in order to land your dream job is a critical first step in your job search. So how do you know what it is? These steps can help you get started.

Your branding statement can be a combination of many things, including: your skills, your work experience, how you stand out from your peers in your industry and your values.  The key is to have it committed to memory, not word for word, but embedded in your mind so you can use it, and any piece of it, at any time.

Starting with your skills and work experience, review your resume, have a friend look at it with you to help you identify the skills and experience you have to offer a potential employer. Include traditional work experience and other experience as well-don’t discount what you’ve accomplished outside of work if it’s relevant! Working with a friend can be incredibly helpful. That second pair of eyes can be invaluable and help you pull things out you may otherwise miss. Make a list of these skills and experience on a separate sheet of paper.

Next take a look at LinkedIn and review the profiles of local professionals in your industry and ask yourself, what skills or experience do I have that not everyone else does? How can I stand out from the crowd in my industry?  Review the profiles of at least 5-7 peers to identify your unique value proposition, what combination of skills and work experience you bring to an employer that most people don’t.

And finally, be clear about your values and how these enhance your brand. Are you committed to continuous innovation? Interested in leaving a legacy behind in your work, meaning you want to be part of projects that have a lasting impact on an organization? Include these in your branding statement as well. They round out your skills and give an employer an additional perspective on who you are as a potential employee. It’s all about clearly defining the value you bring to a potential employer. To be able to do that, you must know yourself well and understand your brand inside and out.

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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