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Create a breakthrough

Breakthroughs don’t always just happen. Yes, sometimes they seem to come out of the blue, but I think you need to create the situation for them to happen as well. By being open, by talking with others, asking for help, and putting yourself in situations for learning (like working with a career coach! ;-) ) This came from a client, Sam. I was thrilled to receive it and wanted to share some thoughts with you from it:

“Thanks for the notes! It was great to meet with you again. Today’s session had a couple of real breakthrough moments for me. Also, Amazon called this afternoon and scheduled my first non-HR interview. It is set up for Friday afternoon. Looking forward to implementing the things we talked in our sessions.”

Two of the things I suggested to him during our session are things I also suggested to my job coaching group recently:

1. Create an audio for inspiration – I suggested to Sam that he create an audio with his voice, under a minute, of how he wants to be and feel during his next interview. This will help calm him and enable him to be more confident. He says a few sentences about how he wants it to go for example: “I want to feel calm and confident. I want the interview to go smoothly. They are impressed with me and I answer every question easily and effortlessly.” Create a visual for yourself for an upcoming stressful situation. See how it works! Client Angie in Atlanta did this as well this week and she is thrilled. She feels much more confident about her interview next week.

2. Practice in the mirror – Saying an affirmation in the mirror, looking yourself in the eye, is also very powerful. Write down whatever you need to work on, confidence, risk taking, communication skills etc. Say your affirmation to yourself out loud in the mirror every day for a week. Sam is practicing slowing down his communication so during an interview he doesn’t talk too quickly or too much. His affirmation is “I am calm and confident, I communicate clearly and succinctly.” Great work Sam!

What do you need to work on this week, that you can create an affirmation for and remind yourself to either create an audio, or say it aloud every day?

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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