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Career Transitions: Tip #2 To Get You On the Path to Success in Your Transition

On Tuesday I talked about getting support during your career transition. Whether it’s a career-seeking buddy, a career coach or someone else, having support is vitally important. Here’s another tip to help make your career transition successful:

1. Commit yourself to making a change.

This sounds simple I know. If you want something you’re committed right? Not necessarily. I’ve had many people come to me for coaching who say they want to make a change, but when they really get down to it, they’re not 100% committed to making the change. They aren’t willing to make sacrifices for example, or unwilling to take the risks necessary to make the transition. So before you decide to make the change, think about your level of commitment.

You have to be committed. How committed are you to finding a career that fits, on a scale from 1-10? If it’s not at a 10, what do you need to do to move it up the scale? The time to ask yourself key questions is now. Do your research, so you know what questions to keep in mind. Contact a career expert who can help you become reacquainted with your goals and dreams. Explore career websites and blogs. Take personality tests, read career transition books. You will find that the more time you invest in career opportunities and self-discovery, the more committed to the cause you’ll become.

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