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Your Ideal Career Quiz Results

Evaluate what's working and not working, and make small changes

Good news! Your responses to the Ideal Career Quiz indicate that you are satisfied in most areas of your career. However, you may be experiencing a difficult situation at work that is making you wonder if you’re on the right path. It sounds like it is time to evaluate what is going well for you and what improvements can be made. We can help you quickly focus on the areas of improvement that will mean a satisfying career for you on a consistent, daily basis.

To get started, consider the following:

  1. Which areas in your work are going well?

  2. Which areas in your work are you looking to improve?

  1. Look at each item you listed for the question above. Which items do you have some control over changing?

  2. Brainstorm ways you can improve your current situation. 

To keep going on your own, purchase a copy of our Identify Your Ideal Career Workbook. The workbook is built around our trademarked Ideal Career Model, which shows you the 8 things you must consider in order to determine your ideal career path. 

Learn more about the workbook and purchase it here

CYCP Ideal Career Model