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Career Seekers Teleclass – Next class begins June 5th

  • Imagine waking up each morning and looking forward to going to work.
  • Imagine feeling excited and enthusiastic about your job.
  • Imagine being so involved in what you’re doing at work that time seems to fly by.

Sound impossible? It’s not!

It’s simply a matter of deciding what you really want to do … and than finding the career or position that matches those desires.

And this is exactly what happens in the Career Seekers Teleclass. We talk about what it takes to find a career you can fully and completely enjoy.

Click here to listen to the intro teleclass for Career Seekers:

Finding a Career that FITS

Does This Describe You?

You feel like you’re at a dead end. You want to move on but you’re too scared to take the next step. Or perhaps you simply don’t know the next step.

You have an idea of what you want to do career-wise, but you’re afraid to invest the time and energy into something that isn’t a fit.

You’re on the fence. You’re not totally unhappy where you are, but you feel there must be something out there that’s more suited to your interests and talents.

Then the Career Seeker Teleclass is for you! In it, you will learn how to:

  • Define your ideal career path
  • Overcome your fears and build your self-confidence
  • Identify your natural talents, values, and priorities and put them to work for you
  • Focus on what you want and actively move towards your goals
  • Develop a sense of empowerment to achieve your desires
  • Create a plan of action and put it into effect

Plus you will hear and gain inspiration from successful people who are working in a field they love.

The Career Seekers Teleclass is a group course that is conducted over the phone, so you can easily participate from your home or office. During the sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as share your accomplishments with others as the class progresses.

What You Get

  • Three 55 minute calls per month for four months (a total of 12 classes).
  • Feedback and support from:
    • A certified professional coach
    • Others in the group who are going through the same thing you are
    • A group buddy
  • Career Seekers Workbook
  • Unlimited private email access to me (to assist with your “homework” if needed)

All teleclass calls are recorded, so if you can listen later if you miss one.

PLUS you receive the Jumpstart Your Career audio recording (a $15 value)!

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