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Career Corner-Tips for finding a job you enjoy

Identify your natural talents and abilities-

One of the components of a satisfying career is one that utilizes your natural talents. We tend to think about these traits as we create our resume and prep for interviews, so some of them are obvious to us. But some aren’t and we often discount things we’re good at because we assume everyone else is good at the same thing or we believe that it does not qualify as anything special. Don’t sell yourself short. Give some thought to your natural talents and those which you’d like to be able to use in a job. Ask yourself: What are things people compliment you on? What do they seek your advice or opinion on? What is your greatest strength? Then take it a step further. Ask people you know what they think your gifts and talents are. You might get some surprising answers! Want to find a fulfilling career path or a job you enjoy? Contact me