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Career Corner – Tips for choosing a more fulfilling career path

This is an article from my June 2006 e-newsletter/ezine. Feel free to check out our full Creating Your Own Path newsletter.

Don’t wait

I recently read a quote by inspirational speaker Tony Robbins: “Most of us do not change until we experience deep pain.” Sound familiar? It’s like going to the dentist – few people like to go so they wait until they’re in pain before they take action.

Don’t wait until you’re in pain to make the changes you need or want to make in your career or your life. If you are unsatisfied with something at work, do something about it: proactively look for opportunities to make desired changes to your responsibilities or work environment, or make a plan to change jobs or career paths if you need to. Don’t wait until you are so frustrated that you end up taking a drastic action out of desperation. Take charge of your destiny with concrete steps to change what you don’t like and create what you want. Start today!

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