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Career Corner- Preparing for your First Informational Interview Tip #1

An informational interview is setting up a time to speak to someone in your chosen field, so that you may learn what it is really like to work in that field, and learn about possible career opportunities.

Here’s a tip to get you started:

Tip #1: Have courage, take a risk.

If you decide that you want an informational interview, then do your best to land one. I like to send an email first so they’re not caught off guard by a random phone call. Know that it’s okay to contact a stranger. It’s also okay to ask a friend or family member to set aside time to "talk shop" with you and help you find your way. People love to talk about themselves. And if they like their work, they’ll enjoy discussing that with you, too. So reach out, be bold… ask for help and information when you need it. Most people are more than willing to help someone learn about their field.

At first many of my clients feel like they’ll be bothering someone if they ask them for their time. Don’t worry about this, if the person doesn’t have time they won’t respond. Or they’ll say no. There’s no harm in asking and if you don’t – you’ll never know if this person would be a great person to network with!

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Hallie Crawford
Career Expert