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Career Corner: Love Your Job! Finding Fulfillment at Work Part III

Today we continue with step 2 of our 5 step process to help you get started on identifying your Career Values and making changes to feel more fulfilled at work.

Step Two: Circle those Career Values which are present in your current job and which are not. For example, if you have a value of achievement but you don’t get to see the results of your work every day, you may feel unfulfilled. Your value of achievement is not being honored. Circle it. Do the same for the other values on your list.

Keep this list in front of you for the next week to add and delete things from your list. Notice when you aren’t enjoying a task at work, does it step on your values? Make a note of the times when you aren’t feeling fulfilled and what was happening at the time. What values were not being honored at that time?

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Here’s to having a career your love!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching