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Career Corner: Job Interviewing: Ten Tips for Success continued

Tip #4: Take the pressure off… you have options.

Relax and chill. If you put too much pressure on this process, and this one interview you will get too stressed out. And you might get so nervous you can’t be yourself during the interview.

Think of the job interview not as the end all be all, but as an opportunity to cast seeds and check things out. This is a "get to know you" or feeling out phase, not a contest or do-or-die situation. Try to avoid becoming too attached to any one job. That old saying, "Don’t put all your eggs in one basket" could not be more true than for your career search. Sometimes things take an unexpected twist or turn. You could be "90% sure" that you’ll be on Company X’s payroll next month… and suddenly the phone rings with an even better offer. You never know. So take some of the pressure off and trust that everything will work out, whether it’s this new job or another one.

Relax and let it flow!

Career Development

These career tips are excerpted from one of my recent career articles published in the National Contract Management Association’s "Contract Management" magazine. You can read the finding a career you love.