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Career Corner: Job Interviewing – Ten Tips for Success continued

Tip # 9. Do a quick mini-visualization beforehand

This tip goes along with the principles of Law of Attraction that I use when I’m coaching career clients. Professional athletes, opera singers, and other people wanting to enhance their performance do it — you can, too. It works! Here’s what I suggest you do to prepare for your interview:

Picture how you want the interview to go and the ideal outcome. Really picture it. Imagine how you feel, what you look like, how you sit in the chair. Get as detailed as possible. Imagining how you’d feel is an important component to visualizing, it enhances the effectiveness of the process. So get into it! I did this before I took my coach certification exam, recorded it on a digital recorder, and listened to it over and over to prep for the exam. I aced it, and I know the visualization helped.

Either before or after you visualize your interview going prefectly, set your intentions for what you want to happen. Write them down if you want, this can help you be specific about the outcome you want to achieve. For example, you could write “I am going to show these people exactly why I’m more qualified than any of the other candidates who apply. I will do this by pointing out my accomplishments and core strengths, which are X, Y, and Z.”

At the end of your visualization, imagine that at the close of the interview, you’re smiling, shaking hands with the hiring manager, and feeling on top of the world—like you really nailed it! Envision getting a callback from them that clearly indicates how impressed they were with your professionalism and capabilities. Have fun with this. Amping up your energy is part of the process.  Good luck and if you need more pointers, I’m here to help

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