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Career Corner – How to create an unforgettable impression with a can’t miss elevator speech – Part I

About a month ago I spoke at The Georgia State Alumni Association, RE: Focus On Careers Speed Networking & Business Card Exchange Event. My topic was: "You had me at Hello! Create an unforgettable impression with a can’t miss elevator speech."

I wanted to share this with you because this topic is great for those of you looking to create a fabulous elevator speech for your next career networking event! The next few Career Corner posts look at what is an elevator speech, how to write it and how to deliver it.

Part I: What it is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech (also known as an elevator pitch) is 12 to 20 seconds long and is approximately 150 words. The idea and the name originate from the fact that you should be able to present your elevator speech within one ride in an elevator.

It is written to spotlight your uniqueness and get your message across quickly and efficiently. It highlights the benefits that you provide to others.

The speech should be should not be about you. It is designed to make an impression and position you and your business. It shows your personality and focuses on how you can help the person listening to it.

Stay tuned for Part II and Part III next week!

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach