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Career Corner – Find your courage

“All serious daring starts from within.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

I think this is so true. I know that when I am feeling courageous and more confident, I make things happen. I’m more willing to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk to do what I need to do to make a change in my life towards something I want. And the courage comes from inside of me. Sometimes I didn’t even know it was there…

Career transition takes courage. It’s a change, and change can be scary. There are many things you can do to successfully manage your career transition. (Feel free to check out my new Free Articles page on my website to help you do this). One of the key elements you have to tap into is your courage. We all have it – sometimes it’s just buried under disempowering beliefs, negative past experiences or fear of change. Imagine you can move those things aside in your mind, as if you’re moving aside a big brick wall. What do you see on the other side? Where is your courage and how can you tap into it more?

Good luck! Hallie Career Development Coach Hallie Crawford